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New York-Unlimited Access

New York ALFA and Care and Compliance Group have partnered to provide a unique training program that is designed specifically to fulfill the continuing education requirement of Assisted Living Managers in New York.

New York-Unlimited Access is a smart, convenient and cost-effective way for New York Assisted Living Managers to easily complete their education requirement. Every course within New York-Unlimited Access is self-paced and delivered in an online format. Each course within this program has been reviewed by NAB and carries their approval.

New York-Unlimited Access includes 2 full years of unlimited online access to over 100 hours of assisted living specific continuing education for only $199………$179 for New York ALFA members.

Features and Benefits of New York-Unlimited Access include:

  • Value pricing………$179 for New York ALFA members
  • Feel confident that your CEU’s will be accepted by the state
  • 2-years of unlimited access………over 100 hours of continuing education available
  • More control of your own schedule………take a course wherever there is internet access
  • Less time away from your residents………no need to attend conferences just to get your CEU’s

How to Register for New York-Unlimited Access

Registering for New York-Unlimited Access is simple and easy!  Just submit your contact and payment information in the registration form below and we will do the rest!  Within one business day you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing your payment receipt, link to the online program and your unique username & password.  Additionally, you will receive contact information for the customer service department at Care and Compliance Group, for any questions you may have.

List of Self Paced Courses

  Advance Directives: DNR and POLST 1   Introduction to Financial Management 2
  Bloodborne Pathogens and Standard Precautions 1 GERIATRICS
  Common Digestive System Diseases 5   Aging Changes and Considerations 2
  Common Infectious Conditions 2   Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias 1
  Constipation: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment 3   Alzheimer's Disease: The Disease and Latest Research 3
  Epilepsy and Seizures 3   Caring for Residents with Dementia 1
  Gait Belt 1   Coping with Memory Loss 1
  Heart Failure 3   Dementia Care: Effect of Medication on Persons with Dementia 1
  HIPAA - Overview for Assisted Living and Residential Care 1   Dementia Care: Wandering 1
  MRSA: Preventing MRSA Infection 2   Dementia Essentials 1
  Ostomy Care 1   Introduction to Dementia 1
  Oxygen Care 1   Reminiscing With Your Resident 1
  Pain Management in Assisted Living 1   Restraints in Elder Care 1
  Parasites: Lice, Scabies, and Bed Bugs 2   Understanding Dementia Care 6
  Personal Protective Equipment 1   End of Life 1
  Side Effects, Adverse Reactions and Medication Errors 1 HUMAN BEHAVIOR
  Skin Breakdown 1   Depression and Suicide: The Assisted Living Perspective 1
  Substance Abuse & Treatment 3   Managing Behavioral Challenges 1
  Tuberculosis: Disease and Prevention 3   Managing Challenging Family Situations 1
  Understanding Stroke 1   Psychosocial issues 1
  Urinary Tract Infectious (UTI's): Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention 2 NUTRITION
  VRE: Preventing Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus Infection 2   Food Safety 1
  HIV/AIDS Training for the Care Provider 4   Nutrition Basics 1
  Being an Effective Leader 1   Activities: Encouraging Resident Participation 1
  Effective Communication Skills 2   Assisting Residents with Activities of Daily Living 2
  Essential Technology Skills for Administrators 1   Assisting Residents with Transportation 1
  Managing Human Resources 2   Enhancing the Resident Care Environment 1
  Managing Resident Care 1   Falls in Assisted and Residential Care 1
  Managing the Physical Environment 1   Monitoring Residents for Changes in Conditions 1
  Respecting Diversity: Residents, Staff, and Families 1   Service Plans 1
  Sexual Harassment: Federal Law & Considerations 2 SOCIAL WORK
  Staffing Skills for Successful Administrators 2   Ethical Issues 1
  ADHD: Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder 2   Respecting Resident Rights, Promoting Dignity, and Encouraging Independence 1
  Autism and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders 3 SUPERVISION
  Caring for Bedridden Residents 1   Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness 2
  Wheelchairs and Other Ambulatory Aids 1   Managing Personal Stress 1
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